Open Call

Emerging Artist Residency for Kampnagel X Dan Daw Creative Projects – Fokus Tanz: Sorry Not Sorry Festival

Deadline extended until 12.12.2023!

Kampnagel is a world-renowned international production house that presents dance, theatre and performances as well as concerts, conferences and a variety of different festivals and thematic focuses. A cross-genre programme with works by international artists and the local Hamburg scene is shown on the six Kampnagel stages and in the urban space for around 180,000 visitors per season.


Every year in February, Kampnagel hosts the only genre-specific festival of the house: FOKUS TANZ. In February/March 2024, Fokus Tanz celebrates its tenth birthday. This edition will be co-curated by disabled led company Dan Daw Creative Projects. The theme of the festival is "Sorry Not Sorry": It is about the taking up of space by queer, disabled people on stage, backstage, in the audience. The festival will take up the entirety of the Kampnagel building for the duration of the festival and resists the patronizing and ableist society through mutual care, queer practice, and intersectional accessibility.


SORRY NOT SORRY is the theme of 2024’s FOKUS TANZ Festival. The theme has been selected to reflect our desire that disabled and queer artists can take up space in the way we make our work but also the way we move through the world.

What we are offering

We are offering a 1 week residency to a German artist / company who identifies their practice as emerging. We are inviting one artist/company to come and spend a week at Kampnagel between the dates of 15th - 23rd February 2024 to explore their artistic practice – this might be thinking about a new idea for a show, exploring a new practice or just a space to try something out. There is an option to do a sharing of your work at the end of the residency – although this is not essential. We also look at this residency as an opportunity to connect with other artists who are present at the festival.

You will be supported by a member of the Dan Daw Creative Projects team and a member of the Kampnagel team. This support could look like artistic feedback, logistic support and an outside eye during your time in residency and we will offer an opportunity to talk about other support you might appreciate during the interview process.

We will provide one of the six stages at Kampnagel (K4) as residency space. The stage is at ground level and the space doesn’t have any tribune and its measurements are 15 x 27m with a warehouse space of 70 m². We cannot provide any technical support other than access to a rehearsal system for playback of sound. The rehearsal system is controllable by the artist. There is one accessible toilet next to the space. A wardrobe and shower from choreographic center K3 and the neighboring stage KMH are available on request. WLAN internet access is provided. You are free to use the room at times of the day which suit you between 10am and 10pm, but please be aware there will be times where quiet is needed for shows that are happening nearby.

The interactive tour for K4 can be found HERE.

And for entire Kampnagel venue HERE.

What we are looking for

We’re really excited about engaging with artists and companies we don’t yet know about so we are opening up the way we offer residencies by sharing this open call. We are looking for:

  • Disabled artists or Disabled led companies
  • A German-based artist / company
  • An artist / company that identifies as emerging

What do we mean by emerging?

There is no one definition of who is an emerging artist, but for clarity of the open call we have attempted to give some criteria. For us, emerging means that you are either at the beginning of your career or are fundamentally changing your careers direction, for example shifting from being a dancer to a choreographer.

You have never or just once had a performance with you as the artistic director funded above 10,000 Euro. We do not define emerging by age.

Fee Information

We have a residency fee of 1,000 Euro and a budget of up to 1,000 Euro for expenses such as travel, accommodation and per diems. We have a budget of up to 1,000 Euro for access costs if applicable.

How to apply

Please answer the following questions and send it to us in PDF / word document or as a video or audio recording.

  • Tell us about your work as an artist/company (3000 signs max or 3 minutes video/audio recording) and how you meet the brief as an emerging artist.
  • Tell us briefly about what you’d like to explore during your residency at Fokus Tanz: Sorry, Not Sorry Festival (3000 signs max or 3 minutes video / audio recording).


December 12th Midnight.


What do you count as disabled led?

Disabled led for us means at least 50% of the artists taking part identify as disabled and that the lead artist identifies as disabled.