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Queer B-Cademy

Taking to the Streets




APRIL 29 - MAY 2, 2021

The world may be hiding in fear of the catching and the further spreading of the Coronavirus but Queer B-Cademy never closed down. Because queer knowledge continues to claim its place on this vulnerable planet Earth. The first part of »The Trilogy of Tomorrow« titled »House of Hope« almost prophetically highlighted the realm of privacy and asked the question »Where Is Home?«. Many people may have been able to find answers to it, but several other questions were also raised in the process. One of them is: »What’s going on outside?«

The second part »Taking to the Streets« focuses on the public space - a place many take for granted and others consider dangerous, and where they experience exclusion from society. Streets, cities, countries and continents are divided into zones with different amounts of human rights granted to their people. Everywhere in the world, the reality of queer life is one of deficit – an unkept promise to the system. However, in queer knowledge, we might be able to find a healing potion for this wounded world.

From April 29 till May 2, 2021, Queer B-Cademy will be defying the mental lockdown. Binging on TV shows can wait. »Taking to the Streets'' is the ultimate preparation for reentering public space. A four-day program that will open up all of your energy spots. Air your mind and embrace your spring fever, summon the street spirits of the past, present and future with all the tales of queer life!


Leaving the house requires mental preparation, especially when it involves a trip to the authorities. So, author and journalist Hengameh Yaghoobifarah will open Queer B-Cademy this year by providing a vision of institutional upheaval in the title of their freshly released novel «Ministerium der Träume» (Ministry of Dreams). After a reading, Hengameh will be joined by author, curator and moderator Duygu Ağal for an interview that gives us more insight into their work.

A truly queer opening will have to be running on multiple tracks: three durational installations will be launched on the first night: The photo exhibition «Q-Futurism» by Célia N’Noko will school everyone who ever had the audacity to ask how queer people can be recognised visually. Because heteronormative thinking and behavioural patterns still dominate the public space. In his installation performance piece, «CU» transdisciplinary artist Mathis Santos works on opening it up for deeper connections. The four dancers of the House of Brownies dance around the Kampnagel building via the K-to-go App, as they reenact everyday scenarios, flipping through their repertoire of dance styles.

In the piece «Das Medikament» the performers Simon Schultz, Isabelle Edi, Louise Vind Nielsen, Yousef Iskandar and Hannes Siebert narrate the history of HIV up until the development of and marketability of PrEP prophylaxis via dialogue, choreography and video footage, and simultaneously focus on the constantly changing correlations between infection and the apportioning of blame in society (also streamed on Friday and Sunday!)

The ultimate cure for everything is music. On the opening night, it’s none other than rapper EBOW, known to have started her career performing in public spaces, who will provide the potion. That extra party feeling will be served by Austria’s first all-black and femme DJ collective Bad&Boujee through the airwaves of Hallo Radio, whose team has co-curated the music program for «Taking to the Streets».


The second day of «Taking to the Streets» is going to be deep, dark and divine!

Understanding queerness as a state of fluidity that defies any stipulation of identity is the bedrock of the experimental performance «Becoming Unbecoming» by Jada Silva, Nas Tea and Benson A’kuyie. With audio-visual and dance elements, the performers oscillate between daily struggle and self-discovery. Diving further into the darkness, we find musician and multimedia artist Sanni Est with «Pandemonium», a piece that breaks the taboo of psychological stress and the traces it leaves in mental health and celebrates the unique stories of our bodies.

Together with Miss Immigration und Rude Viana, they fill the audio-visual space with their bodies, voices and moods and present a part of their darkness to the audience in a digital format. Hamburg’s DJ and salonière Saeleen Bouvar and the Grand Dame of Chicago House Candy J aka Sweet Pussy Pauline will shed some light on queer Black music herstory. They will commemorate the golden tracks of the era and spill some shamelessly hot tea about the music business on the airwaves of Hallo Radio. Sylvio Bouvar joins his DJ-mother on the consoles and initiates the Strut into May festivities, whose honourable chair will be trustfully passed over to the Mistresses of Ceremony Fathoeburger & DON.


On the third day of «Taking to the Streets», curator Ragil Huda invites you to join the talk «We See You Roundtable: Queer BIPOC Grassroots Movement and Community Building in Hamburg». Joined by moderator Natayada Tawonsri and their guests, they will explore the possibilities of diasporic community work. Imagining our own lives is something that performing artists Samra Mayanja and Samuel Lanchin aka SamOne SamTwo turn around in their piece «process-in-progress» – a critical and confrontational look at the diasporic narratives they have created for themselves (others). But wait, who in queer culture is known to combine community work, music, criticism and satire? Right! Drag Queens! Lola Rose, Martini Cherry Furter, GodXNoirphiles, Nana Schewitz, Vivienne Lovecraft and Gieza Poke cook up a Saturday night variety show that climaxes in a combination of fiery queer political power, restoring the activist nature of drag. So if you’re not shook enough by that performance, watch out for Don Jegosah in live concert transcending everything you know about music, followed by the electric sizzle in dancer Benson A’kuyie’s short film «Shaman» and Hallo Radio’s precious party line up with dj sets by JADA, Nas Tea and Gewitterradio.


Queer B-Cademy tradition has it to prioritize two things on the lazy Sunday: great food and melancholic moaning about the end of the festival. But queerness also means breaking traditions. Just like curator, producer and educator Tamara Loewenstein, who is launching her new project «Die nächsten 1700 Jahre: Queer Jewish Futures" - a series of Instagram Lives conversations that seek to move away from tropes of antisemitism and memory culture, towards a reimagined queer, Jewish future. The honour to be her first guest goes to visual artist and writer Cleo Kempe Towers aka Emotional Labor Queen. Musicians Patcha Kuti and FAYIM accentuate the Sunday vibe with their mellow sounds and Hallo Radio adds a set by the iconic electronic MICHAELBRAILEY. In the epilogue, singer Mandhla reminds us in her short film that Trans Black Lives Matter is not just a trend to follow and the Prince of Afro Beat DJ Waxs, featuring the Queer B-Cademy team, urges us to always leave some space for joy in our souls.