Self-Commitment to anti-Discrimination

of the Alliance of International Production Houses

The international production houses united in the Alliance are places of diversity, where people with different biographies, interests, beliefs and expectations and from different social situations come together. It is our social task and obligation to make these places discrimination-sensitive spaces for all, regardless of origin, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, religion, culture, residence status, age, class, appearance or other affiliations and attributions.

We commit ourselves to active and preventive action against all forms of discrimination. We commit ourselves to encourage our employees, our cooperation partners, artistic, technical and administrative production teams, guests and our audience to always contribute to a culture and atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance in the sense of solidary togetherness. If we become aware of discriminatory incidents, we will address them immediately and take action.

We appoint persons of trust who are qualified in anti-discriminatory work and to whom those affected can turn. We train the employees of our institutions in discrimination-critical practice and actively work against abuse of power, sexual harassment and bullying. We are committed to punishing specific cases of discrimination in consultation with those affected and to counteracting institutional discrimination by making changes in our institutions. We also address the issue discursively and artistically in our programming. We see this work as an ongoing process that must be regularly reviewed in a self-critical manner.

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