Ein großer Chor singt zusammen mit einer Band und einem Dirigent.
© Dennis Reinert & Udo Möbus
Ein großer Chor singt zusammen mit einer Band und einem Dirigent.
© Dennis Reinert & Udo Möbus

Canto General by Mikis Theodorakis

Songs of freedom and humanity


30 Euro







The music of CANTO GENERAL is moving, captivating and inspires audiences worldwide. This is due to the unique combination of folkloristic sounds and rhythms with the high compositional art of Mikis Theodorakis. On the other hand, the message of his entire oeuvre is moving. Throughout his life, the musician passionately advocated freedom, peace and humanity. He was particularly inspired by the poems of the CANTO GENERAL, in which the Chilean Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda uses powerful and lyrical imagery to express man's longing for justice, laments the times of oppression and finds wonderful words for the visions of freedom, humanity and love. 110 singers form the large choir for this concert. The instrumental ensemble works together: Peine percussion with a wide range of instruments, 2 pianists, a flute trio, 3 guitars and 1 electric bass as well as a Greek bouzuki duo. The solo parts are prominently cast with Julia Schilinski and Daniel Ochoa. The actor Rolf Becker, who has a special connection to the work, will recite Neruda's Spanish poetry in German. The musical director is Claus-Ulrich Heinke. The conductor and theologian had a special connection with Theodorakis - among other things, he made a guest appearance with the CANTO GENERAL in Greece to celebrate the composer's 85th birthday in his presence.

For this performance, the SingAkademie Niedersachsen is cooperating with the Ida-Ehre-Kulturverein in Hamburg.

A benefit for the Hamburg-based peace organization PEACE BRIGADES INTERNATIONAL-DEUTSCHER ZWEIG E.V. will draw attention to their work.

The HELMUT FRENZ PRIZE (human rights prize) will also be awarded again at the event by the IDA EHRE KULTURVEREIN.