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Methods how to write songs mit Ameen Khayer


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We will learn methods how to write songs with AMEEN ALKHAYER (singer and songwriter of the band shkoon).

Ameen was born and raised in eastern Syria. In 2015 he started his studies in maritime engineering at the »Tschirin University« in Latakia. Due to attending political actions during during the war, Ameen had to go to jail in Syria. When he was released in June 2015, he fled to Turkey, where he first tried to settle, earn money and continue his studies. But he had no chance. Thus, he decided to move further west to finally find a way out of the country. He moved to Izmir in order to take his way across the Mediterranean Sea to the Greek island Lesbos. From there he walked over 6,5 thousand kilometers to Germany. After his arrival, he was taken to a refugee reception in the exhibition halls of Hamburg, where he stayed for two weeks. When Ameen eventually met Thorben, he offered to share his flat and they moved together. One evening, during a spontaneous jam session , Ameen turned out to be a great singer.

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