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© Branko Šimić
Asset 106939
© Branko Šimić

Branko Šimić

Infarkt Global#3


The stream will be available for 24hrs free of charge.

Past dates

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6:00 PM


Stream, ca. 80 Min.

Infarkt Global #3 is a road movie in times of standstill, a car ride through empty Europe. It is the perfect time to leave all previous identities behind. It is about a return to home, which no longer exists. The birthplace is a dusty, empty, dark space that only evokes pain. Exile is reality, exile is present and future, an eternal state.

The life of Goran P. is the starting point for this portrait of a global and individual infarction. Goran P. is a stroke patient. His speech center is destroyed. For the project he is the perfect narrator: he is damaged, like the story itself. Infarkt Global gives him back his voice. His apparent inarticulation is transformed into communication. In the process, the present presents itself as a real moment of powerlessness, lostness and speechlessness. It is a story about identity (a category that is in permanent motion), about loss of identity (home) and identity construction (exile).

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Regie: Branko Šimić Camera/Cutting: Mario Ilić With: Goran Pavlašević