EBA – Europe Beyond Access


As a European collaborative project, Europe Beyond Access will provide massive support over the next 4 years to artists with disabilities to break through the glass ceiling of the contemporary theater and dance sector: the aim is to promote the careers of those who are still massively marginalized as artists with disabilities, to provide their projects with more professional frameworks and production conditions, and to raise their international profile through active touring. With the seven partner institutions, a network of leading mainstream organizations is to be created, which commit themselves to commissioning, producing and presenting works by artists with disabilities in their main programs. In this way, and through appropriate outreach work, the works of artists with disabilities will be freed from the image of "amateurism" that is wrongly attached to them and their degradation as "social projects"; European audiences and professionals will be more interested in the high-quality and innovative works of those artists.

Over the next 4 years, a total of 4 million euros will be made available for this purpose; 2 million of this from funding from the "Creative Europe" program, and a further 2 million from the project partners themselves.

The co-partners of the project are: British Council (UK), Onassis Cultural Centre (Greece); Holland Dance Festival (Netherlands), Per.Art (Serbia), Skånes Dansteater (Sweden), Oriente Occidente (Italy).

Events supported by EBA: