Hamburg Declaration of THE MANY (DIE VIELEN)

Art creates a space to change the world

In Germany, we do not stand above things, but on ground from which the greatest state crimes in human history were committed. In this country, art has already been defamed as degenerate and culture has been widely misused for propaganda purposes. Millions of people were murdered or went into exile, among them many artists. As cultural workers in Germany, we therefore bear a special responsibility.

Today, we understand art and cultural institutions as open spaces that belong to many. Our society is a plural assembly. Many different interests meet and often find themselves in the in-between. Democracy has to be renegotiated every day - but always under one condition: It is about everyone, about each individual as a being of many possibilities!

Right-wing populism, which attacks cultural institutions as actors of this social vision, is hostile to the art of the many. Right-wing and nationalist groups and parties disrupt events, want to interfere with performance schedules, polemicize against the freedom of art, and work to renationalize culture.

Their contemptuous treatment of people on the run, of committed cultural workers, of all dissenters, reveals how they intend to deal with society as soon as the balance of power would change in their favor. Racism, discrimination and exclusion are part of everyday life. The extreme right is a symptom of it. This alliance does not only want to fight symptoms, but to work in depth. Therefore, we deal with our own structures and put them up for negotiation. We have to open the art and cultural spaces as well as our society, so that we really become many! We as signatories of the Hamburg theaters, art and cultural institutions and their interest groups counter these attempts with a clear stance. Solidarity instead of privileges. It is about everyone. Art remains free!

  • The undersigned art and cultural institutions engage in an open, enlightening, critical dialogue about strategies that attack the society of the many. They are shaping this dialogue with participants and the public in the conviction that the participating institutions have the mission to further develop our society as a democratic one.
  • We, the undersigned, do not offer a podium for völkisch-nationalistic propaganda.
  • We, the undersigned, reject the illegitimate attempts of right-wing nationalists to instrumentalize cultural events for their own purposes.
  • We, the undersigned, join in solidarity with people who are pushed further and further to the margins of society by right-wing ideologies.

Declaration of DIE VIELEN e.V.

With the declaration DIE VIELEN e.V. want to clearly articulate the cohesion in art and culture as part of civil society against right-wing populist as well as völkisch-nationalist currents. With this declaration, the creators of art and culture are sending a socio-political signal that intervenes in our daily practice. Together, in Hamburg and nationwide, we are taking a stand for tolerance, diversity and respect.

  1. Only cultural institutions, art institutions, theaters, museums and their representative bodies or associations are requested as signatories.
  2. By signing, the directors or the management team agree to make the text of the declaration known within their own organization among staff, ensemble members, curators, audiences and visitors and to put it up for discussion.
  3. The declaration will be published on the website, in the program booklet, as a notice in the foyer, and much more.
  4. The signing cultural institutions will be made visible on the homepage A linking is desired.
  5. The golden-glittering rescue blanket, the symbol of the many, is to be used in connection with the declaration, depending on the corporate design of the institution - whether as layout background, icon or golden-glittering background font (tool kit will be provided).
  6. The signatories prepare information events, discussions and activities in the sense of the four levels of action of the declaration, the dates are communicated jointly via
  7. The declaration and the campaign will be published with a deadline of November 9 as part of their own press work and a central press conference. Actions for the campaign launch such as the hoisting of the golden rescue blankets at cultural venues, initial information events, readings, etc. will be realized independently and coordinated jointly.
  8. The campaign for the Declaration of the Many has a regional character and is disseminated nationwide through regional associations of cultural institutions as the "Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden, etc. Declaration of the Many. Declaration of the Many" nationwide.
  9. In addition to the signing cultural institutions, from the day of the first publication in a region (Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Dresden on November 9, 2018), individuals and artist* groups can also declare their agreement as supporters by sending an email to (Cultural institutions can of course connect as signatories to the declaration even after November 9 at
  10. The undersigned institutions are actively participating in a nationwide campaign with action days, dialogue forums and mobilization for a "Brilliant demonstration of art and culture - solidarity instead of privilege. It's about everyone. Art remains free!" in Berlin to May 2019 (probably Saturday, May 11, 2019).
  11. The signatories commit themselves to mutual solidarity with cultural institutions and actors* in the arts who are pressured by agitation and interference in the freedom of art.
  12. The signatories remain in contact with each other through regular meetings. They also commit themselves to a critical review of exclusion mechanisms and to strengthening diversity in their own working environment as well as in the association of the many.

Die Vielen e.V.

About the association: Die Vielen e.V. is a registered, non-profit association. The association was founded in June 2017 founded. The aim and non-profit purpose is the promotion of international spirit, tolerance in all areas of culture and *the idea of international understanding as well as the promotion of *popular education. (*Terms in the sense of the non-profit law)

It's about everyone!


With shiny gold layout, glittering clothes and everything that shines, the many want to counter the dull the dull sounds of hatred and the perfidious cultural reinterpretations of the right-wing nationalists. The image of the blanket stands for us as a sign of help for those whose lives are threatened by war. lives are threatened by war and the non-negotiable right to asylum, as well as for the pursuit of a shining a brilliant life for all!