Plakat Jedem Krüppel
© Kampnagel
Plakat Jedem Krüppel
© Kampnagel
Theory / Panel / Discussion

Udo Sierck / SchwarzRund

Protestgespräche: »Jedem Krüppel seinen Knüppel«


For everyone's protection, we ask that you wear a mask.

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7:00 PM


ca. 75 Min.

Live stream in German language with German Sign Language on Zoom HERE / ID code: @6E1XEYNrK

The event will be translated into German Sign Language. The translation is also available on Zoom and can be selected via the "Interpreting" menu item in the bar below. To use the interpreting function, it is necessary to use the Zoom app. The app can be downloaded HERE.

Video with English subtitles will be provided afterwards.

A wall newspaper on the Kampnagel piazza highlights political protests and contested spaces in Hamburg in the 1980s. The aim is to convey an idea of a broad politicisation, and to invite exchange between different movements and generations. In the »protest talks« at Kampnagel, the authors and contemporary witnesses of the newspaper articles invite us to remember, listen, raise questions and share old and new activist practices. The Hamburg-based author and publisher Udo Sierck will start off by talking with author SchwarzRund about the so-called cripple movement, its successes, disappointments as well as its political and social effects up to the present day. Udo Sierck wrote the texts on pages 5 and 6 of the wall newspaper.

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