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© Nico Scagliarini
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© Nico Scagliarini

Dan Thy Nguyen



Sprache: Deutsch

Past dates



6:00 PM


ca. 60 Min.

In 1992, hundreds of neo-Nazis and thousands of local residents besieged an initial reception centre for asylum seekers and an adjacent block of flats of former Vietnamese contract workers in Rostock-Lichtenhagen for days. The atmosphere heated up for days without the police intervening in any significant way. Finally, incendiary devices flew and the buildings were stormed. »Sonnenblumenhaus« documents the largest and almost forgotten racist pogrom in German post-war history and processes the survivors' point of view.

Due to numerous cancellations, the Goethe-Institut Hamburg's BEYOND THE LONE OFFENDER conference at Kampnagel will not take place as planned. The official press release on this matter the Goethe-Institut published here.

You are still invited to various artistic contributions, which will nevertheless take place at Kampnagel after close consultation with the artists and initiatives, in order to offer spaces of commemoration and remembrance:

Nuran David Calis / Schauspiel Köln: MÖLLN 92/22, 24. and 25.06. / 20:00

Mandeep Raikhy: DANCING THE SECULAR - A choreographed walk through Hamburg, 25.06. / 12:00

Bildungsinitiative Ferhat Unvar: TOT SIND WIR ERST, WENN MAN UNS VERGISST - A rememberance space, 25.06. / 18:30

Film: Eine deutsche Partei, Alabama Kino, 26.06. / 15:00

With: Claudiu M. Draghici, Jan Katzenberger, Djamila Manly-Spain Regie: Dan Thy Nguyen
Supported by the City of Hamburg, BASFIA project in the framework of the conference BEYOND THE LONE OFFENDER sponsored by the Centre for International Education of the Goethe Institut Hamburg.