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© Sarah Plochl
Asset 51536
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Pay as much as you feel

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11:00 PM


The ultimate in steamy queer karaoke fun. Songs and make-outs for all.

This special music-performance experience has been a part of the Kampnagel season for several years now, and it has become the secret epicenter of the International Summerfestival. Here in the KMH, Rabih Mroué once sang Destiny’s Child with Kampnagel director Amelie Deuflhard and Michael Clark’s dancers performed an encore to their K6 performance. But these are only exceptions – most of the time, after all, this stage belongs to everyone! Orchestra Karaoke may be fun on a massive scale, but KISS-ASS-KARAOKE is the Summerfestival’s most democratic participatory singing event – and its wildest. Last year’s focus was on sausage, then the ‘western world’ was analized. Now Danny Banany, Missy Lopes, Dancing Sven and Renate Stahl are conducting participatory artistic research on the boundary between kissing and singing. On offer: tongue exercises (to be conducted with a partner), a kissing booth, flavored lipstick, schnapps and countless songs about that most beautiful of rituals.

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