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How can journalists deal with the AfD?

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7:30 PM

Civil society is forming against the right-wing extremist threat to our democratic social order and the AfD, which is increasingly being classified as right-wing extremist. A "Correctiv" investigation into a meeting in Potsdam, at which the deportation of people with a migrant background was allegedly planned, was the trigger. Since then, hundreds of thousands have been demonstrating for a colorful, democratic society and against racism under the slogan "We are more!".

In view of the increasing radicalization of the AfD, the question arises as to how the media should deal with the issue. Is it right to talk to AfD politicians, as ARD presenter Caren Miosga intends to do? What should, must and can journalists be prepared for when dealing with anti-democratic forces? And what role does the language of the New Right play in public discourse?

On the podium:

  • Anja Reschke, journalist, presenter (NDR)
  • Dr. Enno Stahl, literary scholar, expert on the language of the New Right
  • Geli Tangermann, deputy editor-in-chief Hamburger Morgenpost
  • Correctiv research team (requested)


  • Marina Friedt, Chairwoman DJV Nord
  • Cornelie Sonntag-Wolgast, Chairwoman of Kulturforum