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Community Culture Center: RE-OPENING


HIER finden Sie alle aktuellen Informationen und Corona-Regeln für Ihren Besuch.Diese Veranstaltung findet mit der 2G-Regel statt: Zutritt nur für Menschen mit Nachweis einer Corona-Impfung oder -Genesung. Bei 2G-Veranstaltungen entfallen weiterhin die Maskenpflicht und Kapazitätsbeschränkung, allerdings empfehlen wir das Tragen der Maske auch während der Veranstaltung und verkaufen die 2G-Veranstaltungen weiterhin platzreduziert mit gesperrten Sitzplätzen bzw. eingeschränkter Kapazität.

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7:00 PM

The artist collective Baltic Raw Org, with the active support of the Migrantpolitan team, has subjected the wooden house on the Kampnagel site to a general renovation.About the architecture: The redesign of the Migrantpolitan was done in the spirit of Bauhaus: »light, air and sun«, recyclability, circular economy & adaptation by the artist collective Baltic Raw Org. A temporary, transformable building fits the group dynamics through the conversion. And not the other way around. The first cycle of 7 years began with the minimalized Rote Flora (2014), became the art asylum EcoFavela Lampedusa-North after the International Summer Festival. This was followed by a replica of Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall at WOWtecture in the summer of 2015. The building then transformed into Migrantpolitan and opened in December 2015 in its current use as a cultural center. A biophilic building it has become, providing opportunities, shelter and food for all living things. It makes contact with its environment and offers itself as an active part of it. The 4 different facade sides alone highlight the heterotopic place as a multifunctional and polyphonic meeting space. Among other things, there is a misappropriated FRG/GDR border fence on the front, a vertical edible green façade spreads around the corner, the back wall as a full mirroring reflects its counterpart, while the transparent shell on the last side protects and makes visible the modular building structure. The partially green roof provides food and shelter for cats and insects and offers a selection of flowering medicinal plants. As a long-term and sustainable public space intervention, Migrantpolitan's building acts as a transition from theater and urban space. It is located at the intersection of neighborhood use and cultural production, laboratory & studio, an eco-social retreat, in a word: a platform of possibilities.

House-Warming-Party (in 2 G) On Friday, 19.11. from 19:00. With DJ Father&Son, DJ Aaron vs DJ Waxs, visuals by Migrantpolitan team, indoor visits and outdoor fire barrel!

About the new structure: After Corona break and renovation works, Migrantpolitan has changed not only externally. Freshly spruced up and equipped with new tools, Migrantpolitan has reinvented itself as a »Community Culture Center«. Thus, the action space becomes even more of a production space for various migrant art collectives and individuals to self-professionalize: whether as a studio for videos, studio or workshop space! In a monthly rhythm, one group at a time plays in the Migrantpolitan and makes its own program. The new residency program kicks off with two collectives that were founded in the Migrantpolitan environment: In January, the fashion group »Hools of Fashion« will be guests, and in February, the media collective »new media socialism« will present its latest video work as a prelude to a long-term engagement with decolonial horror films. The doors to the exchange of knowledge and art open again regularly - 2 G of course! For up-to-date information on all events, check out our Facebook page! Applications for the Migrantpolitan residency are always open- please send your request to

Artists-in-residence In January And February:

#01 Hools Of Fashion: Glampowerment And Reclaiming Luxery.

The fashion collective is working on a new collection that authentically combines street style and anti-racist work. Secret Shop performance will be announced via social media

#02 New Media Socialism: League For Spiritual Defense (l.s.d.).

The media collective emerged in the Migrantpolitan environment and has been producing alternative entertainment formats there since 2017, in which migrant actors* produce their own narratives. Premiere of the new video series as streaming events: 24-26.2., 20:15 each. And from 24.2. every day 1 episode on youtube

Open House: Networking For Beginners

Are you artistically active and looking for like-minded people? At our Open House events, Migrantpolitan team members and our resident artists* are on hand to give tips and tricks on how to get started in the Hamburg art scene. Come by! On 14.1. and 24.2. starting at 19:00 h

Migrantpolitan Classics:

Jam Session with Anas Aboura The popular classic is back! Everyone can join in, sing along and make music. At an adequate volume, of course. The Migrantpolitan still has no sound insulation... Every 14 days Saturdays, 19 - 22 h ( 8.1.; 22.1.; 5.2.; 12.2.)

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