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Asset 98814
© Rita Brandneulinger
Asset 98814
© Rita Brandneulinger


Der Willy Brandt-Test


28 Euro (conc. from 14 Euro)


Jede*r Teilnehmer*in braucht ein Ticket. Der Spielspaß erhöht sich, wenn sie den Test (maximal) zu zweit vor einem Monitor durchführen. Für diesen Fall benötigen sie zwei Tickets.

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Asset 98814
© Rita Brandneulinger
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© Lorenz Tröbinger

Queer Viennese theatre guerrilla Nesterval brings immersive theatre to your home - entertainingly clever, technically advanced and made for those who don’t mind time flying by far too fast.

Champions League fans as well as online gamers, bridge clubs and the audience of Viennese group Nesterval know that playing a game releases the happiness messenger substance dopamine. In Nesterval’s WILLY BRANDT-TEST, spectators become participants. They interview and evaluate eight performers from Vienna and Hamburg in one-on-one conversations. In the course of the investigative search for the team to pass the WILLY BRANDT-TEST, spectators are navigated through various online theatre spaces and finally get into »a virtually brilliant narrative labyrinth ... which raises questions about one' s own capacity for democracy.« (NDR).

The WILLY BRANDT-TEST is an exciting social experiment that explores the relationship between political utopias and totalitarianism in an entertaining way. The starting point for the story is the figure of »Gertrud Nesterval« who was at the centre of European history and collaborated on a revolutionary project. Forty years later, this project is now to be completed - which can only be achieved with the help of the audience, who neither need technical knowledge nor have to get up from their own couch. Theater has rarely been this close to Netflix and Chill. And whoever has ever seen one of their fast-selling shows knows why Nesterval and their queer performance family are celebrated like pop stars in Vienna.

Each player requires their own ticket. You will receive an email in advance of your booked performance about how to log on and play.

With: Nesterval
Cast: Rita Brandneulinger, Romy Hrubeš, Astôn Matters, Willy Mutzenpachner, Chris Pfannebecker, Pamina Puls, Dancing Sven, Gankerl Walanka, Christopher Wurmdobler Direction: Herr Finnland Story: Frau Löfberg Video: Lorenz Tröbinger Costume Design: Andy Reiter production: Pamina Puls Grafic: Rita Brandneulinger Set-Consulting: Andrea Konrad Sound-Editing: Alkis Vlassakakis Doll Making: Claudia Six Analysis: Herr Finnland, Frau Löfberg, Christoph Anders, Andreas Fleck, Alkis Vlassakakis, Anne Wieben Voice of Neserval Foundation: Heidi Neuburger-Dumancic
A PRODUCTION BY Nesterval COMISSIONED BY International Summer Festival Kampnagel FUNDED BY Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport Österreich; Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin. Der Willy-Brandt-Test is based on the work Der Kreisky-Text, a CO-PRODUCTION by brut Wien and BE SpectACTive.