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New Media Socialism

Ramadram - Ein Red-Carpet-Event


entrance free, participants limited to 50 pax, please register nj(at)


Hygieneregeln: Mundschutzpflicht + 1,5 m Abstand Open Air - auf dem Kampnagel-Piazza Max. Teilnehmerzahl: 50 Personen Kontaktdaten am Infostand angeben

Past dates



10:00 PM

Due to a waether warning The RAMARDAM Red-Carpet-Event has been rescheduled to Fr 19th June.

RAMADRAM is an experimental self-made soap opera whose fictionalized and improvised storylines are inspired by real life. After the speculative reality show HELLO DEUTSCHLAND – DIE EINWANDERER (Hello Germany – the Immigrants), New Media Socialism continues its self-appointed mandate of using emancipatory methods to improve the media representation of migrants and refugees in Germany. Let's celebrate the end of season 1 together and Binge-Watch with all actors season 1! The Red Carpet will be rolled out for us.

Migrantpolitan at Kampnagel

The Migrantpolitan on the Kampnagel site is an action space in which diasporic artists and local artists engage in an exchange process, jointly develop transcultural strategies and try out new aesthetic practices. This microcosm is a laboratory for solidarity cooperation, in which new ideas are developed, cultural self-determination has its place and a pinch of anarchy is an integral part. Many of the activities are public - and everyone is welcome to join the Migrantpolitan Community.

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Produced by Migrantpolitan and new media socialism (Rau/Jessen) with support of POWER OF THE ARTS and Kampnagel.