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Phuong-Dan presents / GROUPSHOW (ANDREW PEKLER, JAN JELINEK, HANNO LEICHTMANN) / DJ: Nikae & Björn Hartwig



10 euro (reduced 8 euro)

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8:00 PM


This is the second instalment of the new Kampnagel series by Nguyen Phuong-Dan – a cultural anthropologist and Golden Pudel Club DJ with a specialist interest in experimental and eclectic forms of music. This piece features a pioneering collaboration between three musicians, about whom our friend and colleague Christoph Gurk writes: ‘Jan Jelinek, Hanno Leichtmann and Andrew Pekler have formed a trio that can justifiably be described as a ‘supergroup’. As solo artists, the three of them are among the leading exponents of the metropolitan electro scene. When they take to the stage together, they are interested in the creation of open artistic processes. In their design language the three instrumentalists, themselves moulded by a minimalist musical appreciation, work on the idiom of collective improvisation without boundaries, which is part of a long-standing German tradition, dating back to the days of Fluxus and Krautrock. Consequently the decision on how the instruments are shared out is still spur of the moment. ‘Jelinek tends to operate computers, effect machines and mixing desk. Leichtmann often hits drums, cymbals and synthetic drum pads and Pekler turns the knobs and controls of his guitar effect machines.’ The result sounds simultaneously radical, enraptured and intensely hypnotic. The concert will be complemented by a dj-set of Nikae (Golden Pudel Club) & Björn Hartwig (Textem).

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With: Groupshow (Andrew Pekler, Jan Jelinek, Hanno Leichtmann, Berlin / Improvised Music) , DJ: Nikae (Golden Pudel Club) & Björn Hartwig (Textem) u.a.