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u.a. mit The Muslims, B2BCREW, Subira Joy & Wandia Nduku


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The Muslims
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Subira Joy and Wandia Nduku
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The Muslims


Subira Joy and Wandia Nduku

Programme Overview Day 3

Ness – The Miracles Of Oral Pleasures

Workshop mit Valentine Tanz 14:30 - 16:30 (Englisch)

Valentine Tanz invites you for an encounter around the notions of -ness (other_ness, queer_ness, fem_ness, gay_ness, ), which we encounter every day and in every language. Ness in Hebrew stands for »miracle«. On Saturday, we call you to come together, to descend from our poetic bodies and imaginations, to become the miracles while enjoying the oral pleasures of eating and talking. Vala will share her stories and give you an insight to her world of witchcraft, art and politics making. Sign up via

Tiered Tongues

Workshop mit Samra Mayanja und mother tongues collective 14:30-17:00

How do we engage a strong visual language with spoken languages/dialects that are marginalised? What does it mean to speak to an audience that has no access to that language? How do we embrace multilingualism in both spoken and visual forms?

Samra Mayanja and collaborators, mother tongues, present their workshop that will be a combination of storytelling, DIY filmmaking and discussion using archival footage, multilingualism and image construction as the impetus. We're inviting you to explore modes of creating that re-centre the languages often sidelined.

Please bring if you can your own mobile phone with a camera function. Not mandatory though. Sign up via


Performance von und mit Mamoru Iriguchi 20:00

Joy Nduku

von und mit Subira Joy and Wandia Nduku 21:00

Subira Joy - a defiantly queer, unapologetically Black spoken word poet and activist and Wandia Nduku - an uprooted poet from the UK living in Hamburg - take us into their Siblinghood as queer, identical twins. Joy Nduku is their poetic exploration of gender, sexuality, blackness, and what it means to be twins in a world governed by the push and pull politics of assimilation and individualism.

Joy Nduku is commissioned by The Marlborough Pub & Theatre via New Queers on The Block, their touring and artist development scheme supported by Arts Council England, Jerwood Arts, Esmée Fairbairn and The Space. Joy Nduku has also received additional support from Arts Council England and ONCA.

The Muslims

Konzert 22:00

On Saturday The Muslims burn the House of Hope down – with sound. This all-queer, Black & Brown punk band emerged onto the U.S. music scene in DURHAM, NC after the inauguration of Donald [fuckface] Trump. Taking inspiration from classic punk and afropunk roots, they mix hardcore, rock-rap fusion, political satire and rage. The lyrics and themes range from old school punk mixes of the Adhan, the Islamic call to prayer, to queer anthems like F*ck The Cistem and the humorously dark song called Jihadageddon: a play on islamophobic fears about ethnic minorities bringing on the end of the world (Jihad + armageddon). Composed of QADR, FaraH BaHbaH and Abu Shea, The Muslims aim to reclaim rage and joy, bringing tenderness and humor to difficult topics, laced with lyrical genius and musical fluidity.


DJ-Set / Performance 23:00

Somewhere between Hamburg, Berlin and Bremen. Somewhere between Trap, Grime and Ghettotech. Somewhere between two hours crew set or the whole night. Somewhere between classics and new school. Somewhere in between as long as the subwoofer bangs – that’s the home of B2B-Crew. For the love of bass, hiphop, skill-sharing, networking and support for each other, B2B Crew was founded in 2017 by DJs That Fucking Sara, CHI, Elle_mess, Josie Overton, Gizzel & Frizzel, Leila A. and MC Alice Dee to play a collective dj_pingpong_live_mc_set.

Programme overview: day 1 (thursday-feb 13) day 2 (friday, feb 14) day 3 (saturday, feb 15) day 4 (sunday, feb 16)

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