Klubkatarakt 2016 NEU
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Klubkatarakt 2016 NEU

klub katarakt 11

International Festival for Experimental Music

Klub katarakt provides a multimedia platform for new music. Over four days we go on a musical and audio-visual journey through the disciplines, via all listening and viewing habits. And it’s not just the audio experience that’s unconventional – the forms of presentation are too. For klub katarakt is consciously not a festival simply for new music, rather it is for experimental music. It explores and exploits new dimensions of audio-visual perception and functions as a platform for the mutual influence of different disciplines and trends. Musical concepts, the static sonic elements and long performances meet process-orientated or dramaturgically broken concepts. Interactive electronics impinge on new instrumental techniques and on innovative video works. This year’s participants include: Composer in Residence Christian Wolff with the world premiere of his piece, ‘Where’, piano virtuoso and New York School specialist Sabine Liebner and many artists from the Hamburg scene.

Sponsored by: Kulturbehörde Hamburg, Hamburgische Kulturstifuntg,Feldtmann Kulturell, Elisabeth und Karl-Heimz Behnke Stifung, Rusch Stiftung

Partners: Yamaha, Pianohaus Trübger, Kurzfilmagentur Hamburg, Filmprojektion Christopher Mendt

Mediapartners: FSK - Freies Sender Kombinat, positionen, SZENE, VAN - Fanzine für klassische Musi

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