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Live Art Festival #10 Ziviler Gehorsam

After weeks of shutdown, Kampnagel is back with the LIVE ART FESTIVAL and presents a small warm-up for cultural re-socializing. Under the motto #ZIVILERGEHORSAM we collect artistic and activist positions that can be experienced in public and private space, analog and digital. Covid-19 and the effects of the virus on health, economy and globalization, as well as on private and social life, all present us with new challenges and especially artists, organizers and institutions have to redefine their roles and reposition themselves.
This includes giving room for maneuvers, opening up spaces for discourse, exercising power criticism without putting on conspiratorial tin foil hats, and maintaining collective reason, rather than drifting into absurd freedom discourses. The LIVE ART FESTIVAL wants a queer front instead of a transverse front and focuses on small-scale, analog formats: Live Art in Cornona Times is possible, safety rules and hygiene standards are applied, artistically used and adhered to. Artistic potential unfolds in civil obedience. We practice in solidarity practice and collective reason with maximum use of artistic means:

With UNBOXING UNBOXING, the geheimagentur delivers performance art directly to your home and thus creates an artistic transfer of the digital phenomenon of the incredibly popular unpacking videos into an analog format. So exactly the opposite of the current trend to convert analog performances into digital ones. UNBOXING UNBOXING is also a plea for opportunities to enjoy art under quarantine conditions.

Gintersdorfer / Klaßen have always understood the night clubs as a stage and thus created a performative bridge between the clubs in Abidjan and the stage rooms in Europe. For the LIVE ART FESTIVAL, they are transforming the Kampnagel-Piazza into a daylight-flooded club room with the open air performance installation LA PUTE DE LA JOIE, in which the spirits of the past with performers and guests are transformed into the live sounds of Ted Gaier (Golden Lemons) dance.

The Viennese supergroup God's Entertainment was once again ahead of its time and produced the perfect piece on the corona crisis nine years ago with HAMBURG INTERNATIONAL: A small-scale journey through public space, on which God's Entertainment took the public to a variety of European sights took away. For the LIVE ART FESTIVAL 2020, the Viennese collective has now developed an updated commentary on travel restrictions, Eurocentrism and the benefits of subversive entertainment: EUROPE TO GO! Experience an around-the-world trip of a particularly performative nature on the Kampnagel site - from L.A. via Palmyra to Ouagadougou!


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