Live Art Festival #1 Kollektive Aller Länder!

The first edition of the Live Art Festvial at Kampnagel is dedicated to the collective as an invited theatre-maker. Images and performers present works in which alternative forms of community are formulated, They understand the collective as a cultural practice and defy the usual ways of looking at stage art. They offer compositions that integrate the spectator as an active member, transform the creativity of the participants into an egalitarian system and create a new understanding of community and collective responsibility.

In the German premiere, Impulse Prize winner Ivana Müller presents her new production PLAYING ENSEMBLE AGAIN AND AGAIN. Back to Back Theatre from Australia will perform SMALL METAL OBJECTS on Hachmannplatz at the main station. Frédéric Gies from Berlin will show the result of a collective choreographic process with DANCE (PRACTICABLE), while Hamburg choreographer Dani Brown andJoavien Ng from Singapore swap identities in BODY SWAP. Hamburg's favourite performance collective Showcase Beat Le Mot celebrates a DYNAMO THEMEN RAVE on the Kampnagel site, two editions of the GIRL MONSTER series present feminist delights and in the revival of the performative radio play DER NEUE MENSCH by the group Ligna, the audience themselves become performers.