Possible triggers and content notes for Oozing Gloop: Tentacular Spectacular

Contains partial nudity. There is a section of around 10 minutes that depicts femme body mutilation and birth trauma Lighting and Sound. There are no strobes or flashing lights. There will be dry ice, haze and smoke machines. There is a short section where the space will be filled with smoke. There will be loud music. There are no moments of complete darkness Participation During the performance there will be moments where the performers will make eye contact with and talk to the audience. You don’t have to engage or participate in the show.

There are no strobes, but some flickering / flashing lights.

We ask that audience members do not check their phones during the performance. If they need to use their phone, we ask that they leave the space to do so and return when they are done with their phone. If you come late or need to step out of the performance, you are welcome back in. We might ask you to wait a few minutes before you come back in for your and performers safety.

All performances are Relaxed this means you can move or make noise if you need to and can go in and out of the performance space. Latecomers will be permitted