Open Call

Wanted: Kitchen workers from hamburg

for a theatre project by Abhishek Thapar

Looking for migrants who work in restaurant and hotel kitchens in Hamburg and around.

For the development of an art project based on the stories of migrants who are working in restaurant and hotel kitchens, theatre maker Abhishek Thapar is looking for participants who are interested in storytelling and who would like to share their knowledge and perspectives from inside busy kitchens.

Most restaurant goers do not know who actually cooks for them, who cleans their dishes, who clears away their food scraps, who works behind the kitchen doors. Abhishek Thapar wants to find out what stories are being brewed there. What are the daily routines and practices of kitchen workers? What is their relationship to food? What do they think about the world and their future as they go about their jobs, preparing food, washing dishes, etc? What migrational histories, memories, knowledge and skills do they carry with them?

The outcome of the project will be presented as an interactive performance at Kampnagel from 4th-6th May 2023 and will further travel to Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen from 15th-20th May 2023.

Collaboration period:

  • 13th February - 3rd March
  • 1st April - 6th May
  • 15th - 20th May


  • 3-5 days individual story/script development, group discussions
  • 1 day recording
  • 1 week of workshop, 14 days of rehearsal
  • 6 performance days in Hamburg & Recklinghausen
  • These meeting appointments will be arranged according to individual availability.

Further Infos:

  • Preliminary Place: Kampnagel, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg
  • Working languages: English, German
  • Remuneration: 1500 Euros per participant + extra fee for the performance days

If interested, please submit your CV as well as a short statement of motivation until 31. January to Clara Tolle: tolleclarahanae[at] (phone: +49 176 840 254 00).

Abhishek Thapar (born 1985 in Moga, India) is an independent theatre maker based in Amsterdam. He holds a postgraduate diploma in Physical Theatre from London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) as well as a Master's degree in Theatre from the Das Theatre, Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK). Abhishek’s work delves into the complexity of different narratives and narrative construction. In his works, he attempts to set aside preconceived ideas about identity, historical narratives, religion and politics, the migration debate, and environmental issues. As a theatre maker he seeks to engage the audience in a critical dialogue about current social issues in our globalized world.