Wheelchair Accessible

The Kampnagel site is at ground level, all venues are accessible for wheelchair users – with the exception of Migrantpolitan, stage KX and all rehearsal stages. If required, please ask for the specially arranged wheelchair and wheelchair-accompanying seats when making your booking.


Seats for wheelchair users and their escorts will be provided in the halls as required. Unfortunately, wheelchair spaces cannot currently be booked online. When purchasing tickets, please inform the ticket office staff that you require a wheelchair seat with or without an additional seat for a person accompanying you. You can reach the box office staff via ticket telephone 040 270 949 49 or via e-mail at kasse[at]


If you are attending an event in the hall with a rollator, please contact our evening and admission staff. We will be happy to help you park your rollator in the hall next to the grandstand. Or if you have booked a seat in the 1st row, you can keep your rollator in your seat. At non-seated events such as concerts, you can continue to use your rollator and/or ask for a seat.