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While in 2018 we experienced forest fires in the Arctic, the Secretary- General of the United Nations gave the world a deadline in 2020 to take far-reaching measures to prevent the collapse of the ecosystem. We are just about to let this deadline pass. The goal of the Paris climate agreement, to prevent the worst by the end of this century with a maximum global warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius, has also moved into the distant future. Meanwhile, the worldwide extinction of species has progressed so far that some researchers already speak of the sixth mass extinction in the history of the planet.

At the same time, the Fridays for Future movement and Extinction Rebellion’s worldwide protest actions have brought climate change back into the public consciousness – as the most fundamental unsolved problem of humanity, touching on all crucial issues of our times, such as the wars on resources, migration, the collapse of societies and the future of the planet.

With 3GRADPLUS (3DEGREESPLUS), award-winning Swiss reporter Hannes Grassegger explores the question of what lies ahead if we continue like this. How does the fear of the future affect the living? And what does the threat of collapse due to climate change mean for the radicalisation of our societies that is already taking place? Grassegger, who was one of the first to uncover the digital strategies of Trump, Brexit and Facebook (including at his 2017 Summer Festival conference), invites international experts for a live report – an experimental conference format with guests on stage, videocalls, documentary material and music. This trip to the end of the world leads us to some people who are convinced that we can no longer prevent climate collapse; who are preparing for the collapse to begin now; or who believe that now is their chance to overthrow the world.

Among the invited guests are the American journalist David Wallace-Wells, who wrote a stirring compendium with »The Uninhabitable Earth«, which illustrates the possible effects of climate change on our lives; Jem Bendell, leading head of the protestmovement Extinction Rebellion and author of the viral »Deep Adaptation« theses paper; and Roy Scranton, philosopher and former U.S. Navy, who learned in the Iraq war how to live on despite fear. In addition, data analyst Danica Brozowski from the Network Contagion Research Institute (Princeton) and extremism expert Jacob Davey from ISD London, will join the group. The live report is accompanied by musician James Ferraro, who delivers the dystopian soundtrack with compositions oscillating between darkness and euphoria. Afterwards, we once more show the synesthetic theater experience of Belgian theatre maker Kris Verdonck who is drawing us into an apocalyptic world post climate collaps – which also accounts to our cinema program FILMIC DYSTOPIAS do. In addition, climate researcher Mojib Latif will give a lecture on August 21.

Part 1 With benjamin Green And David Wallace-wells

Teil 3 with benjamin Green, Jem Bendell And Roy Scranton

Part 3 With danica Brozowski And Jacob Davey

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