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Asset 109451
© Stefan Malzkorn
Asset 109451
© Stefan Malzkorn
International Summer Festival 2021
City / Video / Film / Theatre

A Wall is a Screen

It’s a Match! Brennende Fragen der Kunst. Serie 0: Choreograf*innen


Free of charge. Registration via the ticket link.


Startort wird noch bekannt gegeben, findet auch bei schlechtem Wetter statt. Die Tour ist zu Fuß und es herrscht Maskenpflicht während der gesamten Zeit. Auf Englisch & Deutsch.

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9:00 PM

Asset 109451
© Stefan Malzkorn
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© Kampnagel

A short film parcours by A Wall is a Screen.

The Hamburg-based artist collective A Wall is a Screen, notorious for its interventions in urban space, projects the short film series IT'S A MATCH! BRENNENDE FRAGEN DER KUNST onto buildings and urban structures. In a combination of city tour, film night and demonstration, the viewers wander through the city on unknown paths and watch the thoughts and movements of choreographers dancing on the dark facades.

In advance, fifty artists of different styles and generations have received a matchbox with questions about their current projects, the impact of the pandemic on their work, social and personal issues. For the duration of the burning matches, they reveal their experiences in times of stasis and are filmed doing so. The visible passage of time accelerates their responses. Doubts, flashes of inspiration, and other unexpected movements emerge. And paint a multi-layered portrait of voices from, well-known choreographers to the Kampnagel audience and some special guests who will also be featured in the festival program.

Konzept & Künstlerische Leitung: Katharina von Wilcke Dramaturgical advise: Anne Kersting Assistance: Marlene Kahl Beratung & Postproduktion Filme: Andrea Keiz Curation parcours: A Wall is a Screen
A PRODUCTION OF DepArtment. SUPPORTED BY the NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ – STEPPING OUT, sponsored by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR. Support Program Dance. And in the frame of Hamburger Kultursommer.