Asset 101515
© Branko Šimić
Asset 101515
© Branko Šimić
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Branko Šimić

Infarkt Global #2: Denkmal und Denkmäler

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8:00 PM


With the awareness that every global crisis also means rethinking and reconstructing values, Infarkt Global #2 asks for a rethinking of the world and dedicates itself to the monuments. Neglected socialist monuments meet questioned symbols of colonial Western heritage. It is an encounter of the ghosts of the past who judge the future. Which myths and monuments remain? Which ones will be blown up or overturned? The KRASS Festival 2020 closes the circle with a dedication from the past to the future: The earth is round so that its cemented ideas can slide down its hump.

The general hygiene concept (in German) for visitors can be found here.

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