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Bundesjugendballett Hamburg

Infinite Identities


26 Euros (discounted 16 Euros) 8 Euro with pupil-ID

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7:30 PM

What happens when algorithms from the digital world increasingly affect our private lives so that we only experience a selected slice of reality? What effect does it have on our identity if we gradually lose our privacy and how do we behave when that occurs? Is the increasing loss of privacy synonymous with a loss of freedom? In a text collage, this year’s production in conjunction of the National Youth Ballet and the International Musicfestival Heidelberger Frühling takes up statements by artists and philosophers who have thought profoundly about the opportunities, risks and challenges of the digital world and relates them to the spheres of dance and music, thus opening up new perspectives on these topics. This year for the first time, the National Youth Ballet and grant recipients of the Festival Academy will be joined by London choreographer Joseph Toonga and his Just Us Dance Theatre.

The National Youth Ballett is funded by the representative of culture and media of the federal government of Germany