Buntelufttrio Photo by Goran Lazarevic
© Goran Lazarevic
Buntelufttrio Photo by Goran Lazarevic
© Goran Lazarevic

Bunte Luft Trio



8 Euro (erm. 5 Euro)

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8:00 PM

Bunte Luft Trio is an improvisation group from Hamburg that focuses on the sonic interactions of Đàn Bầu, baritone saxophone and modular synthesizer. All three instruments are rooted in completely different genres. The musicians use this peculiarity as a springboard to create their characteristic sound. Tam Thi Pham (VN), Jana De Troyer (BE) and Jan Wegmann (DE) bring their own artistic backgrounds to the table, moving through different atmospheres that take the audience into interplanetary deserts and microscopic forests. They are currently producing their first album, which will soon be released on Bandcamp.

Baritonsaxophon Jana De Troyer Dan Bau Tam Thi Pham Modularsynthesizer Jan Wegmann

This concert takes place as part of Blurred Edges 2024 with the support of the Hamburg Ministry of Art and Media.