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DECONSTRUCTING CONTEMPORANEITY is a congress that analyzes euro-centrism as a still existing source of cultural colonialism.

Terms such as »African dance«, or »contemporary« that might seem harmless at first sight will be analyzed regarding their repressive meaning and their colonial heritage. The second trace of the congress is developing alongside the current political situation in Maghreb: the Arab Spring leaves behind a different situation for artists and dancers who are becoming unintentional revolutionists.

To give the western-dominated linearity a new perspective the congress will not only provide a theoretical background but also practical workshops. Gayatari Chakravorty Spivak, one of the founding members of post-colonial thinking, is suggesting the need to un-learn some of your privileges and that western intellectuals should learn from the subalterns instead of talking about them. This is how to understand the »Unlearning-by-doing«- workshops that are held during the congress. Visitors are invited to train their »subversive listening« to get an impression of the heterogeneity of post-colonial realities: The relations are complicated and thus the solutions are accordingly complicated. According to Spivak deconstruction is a method to change the political inequity: A strong critic against anything you cannot want. With this in mind: Come and un-learn your priviliges!


Friday, April 11th

12:00 Mariem Guellouz: SCHLEIERTANZ AUF DEM VULKAN – contemporary dance out of maghrebian point of view

13:00 Gabriele Klein: OH – IT’S SO CONTEMPORARY! – Contemporaneity within dance

15:00 Saâdia Souyah Unlearning-by-doing-Workshop: MA’AT* FOR YOU AND ME AND EVERYBODY (maroccan dance rituals) *Ma’at bezeichnet den Ausgleich, der durch rituelle Heilungstänze herbeigeführt wird.

16:00 Round Table with: Syhem Belkhodja, Oumaima Manaï, Taoufiq Izeddiou, Mariem Guellouz. Moderation: Amelie Deuflhard. LE CORPS REGLÈMENTÉ DANS LA CULTURE MUSULMANE. UNE NOUVELLE VAGUE EN COLONISATION?

17:00 Mariem Guellouz, Saâdia Souyah MAGHREB INTERNATIONAL: INVOLUNTARY UNDERGROUND? Panorama of maghrebian dance and method of production

Saturday, April 12th

12:00 Monika Gintersdorfer, Franck Edmond Yao: »PAIN IS FRENCH FOR BREAD« – cultural translation put to the test.

13:00 Unlearning-by-doing Workshop with Franck Edmond Yao and Monika Gintersdorfer DECOLONISATION FOR BODY AND MIND

15:00 Round Table with: Amelie Deuflhard, Alex Moussa Sawadogo, Safia Dickersbach. Moderation: Mariem Guellouz. ON APPROPIATION / DÉTOURNEMENT: cannibalism and colonialism or The secret winners of the cultural exploitation of africa.

16:30 Hafiz Dhaou, Saâdia Souyah IMPROVISATION AND ANALYSIS: contemporaneity and tradition within Dance

Im Rahmen von Dance Dialogues Africa, gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung des Bundes.