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Dr. Natasha A. Kelly

Am Ende von "Dasein": Eine afrodeutsche Reise in die Zukunft


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At The End Of ‘dasein’: An Afro-german Voyage Into The Future

Moderation: Tanja Scheffler From The Association Fogg (future Of Ghana Germany E.v.)

Dr. Natasha A. Kelly Will Be Joining Us Online During The Event.

Whilst it has become common practice for US-American Afrofuturists to use projections of the future as a means of balancing the existing power structures, Black Germans are still busy re-examining local life and rewriting the narratives of past generations. Slowly coming to terms with their lost or stolen histories, they challenge the dominant representation and knowledge systems, but are very reluctant to leave the world as we know it behind. As Afrofuturist Reynaldo Anderson suggests, in this lecture I will show how a community whose past and present are negated can imagine a possible future beyond Eurocentrism.

Part of the event series OTHER EUROPE.

Natasha A. Kelly is a PhD in communication sociology, author and artist. With her award-winning and internationally travelled documentary »Milli's Awakening«. Her film debut at the 10th Berlin Biennale 2018. She made her directorial debut in 2019 with the international performance of her dissertation thesis »Afrokultur« in three countries and three languages. With her publication »The Comet - Afrofuturism 2.0« (2020) and the eponymous symposium of the same name, which she curated at HAU Theater in 2018, she moved for the first time away from historical representations towards visions of the future. Her seventh publication »Racism, Structural Problems Need Structural Solutions« appeared in April 2021.