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with Mavi Veloso, Dirty Daddy Don, Best Boy Electric


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Best Boy Electric

Mavi Veloso

ERATÓ stands for physicality, eroticism and passion. The second evening is therefore about body empowerment and the abandonment of cissexual perspectives on trans* bodies. Erató does not come from »erratum«, the »mistake«, the »lost« or simply »wrong«, although it is precisely in this misunderstanding that the patriarchal, cissexual view of transsexuality as being born in the »wrong« body is concealed. This is »corrected« through various surgical measures. This evening is the heart of the festival, because it features artists who challenge precisely this cis-white phantasm. Erató comes from »Eros«, the passion that a trans* body contains. Exploring one's own body outside the gender binary is one of the greatest acts of self-love and »auto-eroticism«. We can expect artists who take the reins of their own identity in their work and question not their trans*ness, but rather the cis binary. This empowerment evening for trans* people will therefore make cis people question the correctness of their own binary identity and thus create a new understanding for each other.

Mavi Veloso »Dont say biological when what you mean is cis, don't say real, natural or normal when what you mean is cis.« No one else could better headline the second evening than Mavi Veloso, Brazilian singer and performer from Amsterdam. Her first album »Travesti Biológica« is not only a musical experience between trap, raggaeton tecnobrega and electropop, but at the same time a declaration of war on cis normativity, which attaches naturalness to being cis. »Travesti«, used as a slur by society to defame trans* women as »men in disguise«, is taken to absurdity by Veloso with the addition of »Biológica« and reclaimed as a word in its own right. Every body is natural, as it is and as it feels, the biological tranny identifies as femme. She may or may not have a transpenis, she may have a biological, psychological or even medically perfect vagina, whether female, male or both. She is not interested in genitalia, she is a strong femme in all her complexity and multi-layeredness. For TRANSTRONICA, Mavi is joined by trans performer Pauli Scharlach and DJ and music producer Urubu Marinka. Biological Tranny has already been performed on various stages such as the TranScreen Film Festival, the Voodooshop Showcase at Vogelball, at Hystereofonica in Berlin and many more. Mavi Veloso is probably one of the most important trans* educators within the current music and performance scene.

Dirty Daddy Don When Dirty Daddy Don is behind the decks, one thing is certain: it's going to be hot, sweaty and queer. As a resident of DUMP, the trashfest at Berlin's sex club Untertage, Dirty Daddy knows exactly how to create a set full of dirty tracks. His typical sound varies between hard house and seductive techno. Besides his remixes for the label Wet Trax, Dirty Daddy Don served his queer sex-laden sound and with his well-known shameless style at legendary party formats like the Trashera, Pornceptual, DURCH, Bushwig, Buttons as well as the WHOLE Festival and United We Stream and many more.

Best Boy Electric As a member of the feminist collective POSSY and co-founder of the web radio HALLO:Radio, Best Boy Electric is an integral part of Hamburg's music scene. As a Pudel resident, they impress with a sophisticated selection of electronic delicacies infused with the classic Detroit electro sound. Their special skill for monumental sets they proved among others at the Krake Festival, Killekill Megablank and Pornceptual Does Hamburg. Besides the musical richness behind their sets, Best Boy Electric is committed to more FLINTA* visibility behind the decks. So we can look forward to a dark and hot conclusion to the second evening.

Tip: Come earlier and watch a performance before the club evening. Either THE MAKING OF PINOCCHIO by Rosana Cade & Ivor MacAskill (20:00) or TRIO – FOR THE BEAUTY OF IT by La Fleur (20:30).

A project within the framework of ACT (Art, Climate, Transition) funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union and the Alliance of the Internationale Produktionshäuser by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.