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Gob Squad

Show Me A Good Time (Online Version)


5 Euro (k-Karte 2,50 Euro)


In deutscher und englischer Sprache.

Past dates



6:00 PM

ca. 180 Min. inkl. Pause



9:00 PM

ca. 180 Min. inkl. Pause



12:00 PM

ca. 180 Min. inkl. Pause



3:00 PM

ca. 180 Min. inkl. Pause

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Additional online live stream for the performance at Kampnagel – for all those who did not get tickets or prefer to watch from home.

For over 25 years Gob Squad has been blurring the boundaries between art, theatre and »real« life and is one of the most renowned European performance groups and Kampnagel regulars. The collective is a pioneer in the use of video technology on stage and has already used live video links from the streets to the theatre in its performance classic SUPER NIGHT SHOT in 2003, when »streaming« was still a foreign English word here in Germany.

For SHOW ME A GOOD TIME, Gob Squad had originally planned once again to explore the streets, equipped with video cameras, in order to find a good time with random passers-by. Due to Corona, spectators were not allowed in theatres for the June premiere at HAU in Berlin. Instead it took place as a 12-hour live stream online. Only one person stood on stage at HAU and sang, danced or talked via a camera to the outside world; the remaining Gob Squad performers were scattered at home or on the streets and met strangers for joint actions via a split-screen, always looking for good times in bad times. At the Summer Festival the work is now performed for the first time in the theatre where the original duration of 12 hours is spread over four shows in four days. With the performers on the streets of Hamburg filming live, and the audience watching in the theatre at Kampnagel. And since the capacity in the theatre is limited due to the Covid-19 safety regulations, there is also the possibility to watch the performance live online. With a ticket for this online version, you will receive a personal access to a live stream by e-mail shortly before the performance and can watch the whole play from your computer. No matter where you watch from, you will most likely have a very good time!

Program as PDF-Download here!

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