Dance / Digital

Marcelo Doño & Team

METAXIS, or the condition of in-betweenness


15 Euro (erm. 9 Euro, [k]-Karte 7,50 Euro)


Content notes: Darkness, fog, strong lights/strobo, nudity (not sure), No sitting available (free moving in the space)


METAXIS is a multimedia dance installation by Argentinian choreographer Marcelo Doño that explores bodies in a state of digital fusion. In METAXIS, he explores the nostalgia of the virtual age and seeks a physical expression of the metamodern concept of the in-between, also known as "metaxis". Oscillating between modern enthusiasm and postmodern irony, hope and melancholy, totality and fragmentation, METAXIS transforms the stage into a digital-immersive arena where the audience can experience the fusion of digital beings, space and performers. Blurring the boundaries between bodies, reality and fantasy, METAXIS explores themes of identity and authenticity in the age of endless content, inviting audiences to reflect on their assumptions and perceptions about the complexity of the present.

Three young people with black sunglasses stand dancing in the dark and are enveloped in purple smoke.
© Öncü Gültekin
Three people with sunglasses are standing under a purple spotlight. Fog is making the light visible, the image is tilted to the side.
© Hanna Naske
Three people wearing sunglasses are standing intertwined in pink and purple light, in the fog. They are moving their arms elegantly and looking in a different direction.
© Öncü Gültekin
Parts of pink-lit bodies, arms, hands and backs of heads can be seen against a dark background. The people appear to be leaning forwards, it is not possible to identify which body part belongs to which body.
© Hanna Naske
Two people are kneeling together on their shins in pink light with their hands on their knees. The person in front is facing to the left, the person behind is facing the camera, but is only illuminated from above so that the face is not recognisable.
© Hanna Naske

Artistic Direction, Choreography, Dance Marcelo Doño Creative Technology, Visual Art Bariş Pekçağliyan Creation, Dance Ann-Leonie Niss, Larissa Potapov Music and Sound Design Matthias Schubert Set and Costume Design Hanna Naske and Leonard Schulz Lighting Design Doria Worden Directions Assistance, Dramaturgical Support Agnetha Jaunich Creative Production Guy Marsan Fotos Öncü Gültekin Graphic Sena Oh

METAXIS is a production by Marcelo Doño in co-production with Kampnagel Hamburg and the Koproduktionslabor in Dortmund.

Funded by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Department of Culture and Media, the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung and the Mara & Holger Cassens Stiftung.