Der Lauf c Lena Politowski
© Lena Politowski
Der Lauf c Lena Politowski
© Lena Politowski
Kids & Youths






10:30 AM


Water is the source of all life and also one of the most important things at this concert. You have never experienced anything like it! Water can sound so different. Adventurous!

In China it is said that in ancient times a woman with a snake's tail - Nü Wua (女娲) - created animals and people and fought fire and floods. This story is the occasion for Lin's many instruments and Lini's wonderful voice to sound sometimes sad, sometimes happy and then again quite wild. They are accompanied by Heike's fascinating puppetry.

Perkussion: Lin Chen. Gesang: Lini Gong.

Puppenspiel: Heike Klockmeier. Stückentwicklung: Stephan v. Löwis of Menar. Eine KinderKinder-Uraufführung – gefördert von China Time 2022