Asset 47349
© Simone Scardovelli
Asset 47349
© Simone Scardovelli

Manuel Muerte

Der schwebende Diwan - Talkrevue zu ungelösten Fragen


12 Euro (conc. 8 Euro, [k] Card 6 Euro)

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9:00 PM

Der schwebende Diwan (The floating divan) is a series from Hamburg entertainer and magician Manuel Muerte, who is a regular fixture at Kampnagel. The ‘talk revue for unanswered questions’ plays with reality and fiction, with illusion and the search for truth. This creates a new space for conversation, in which socially relevant but forgotten topics can be examined in their full complexity. Bringing entertainment and knowledge together in one format through subversive performance strategies.

Concept: Manuel Muerte Conceptual guidance: Stefan Sandrock Musical Concept: Booty Carell Dramaturgy: Nadin Jessen
Eine Produktion von Manuel Muerte und Kampnagel