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Asset 106924
© Andreas Langen

Mark Terkessidis

Wessen Erinnerung zählt? Koloniale Vergangenheit und Rassismus heute


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7:00 PM

German colonialism has been the subject of heated debate in recent years. Street names, monuments, museum collections, history lessons - many things are under scrutiny these days. The fact that the colonial period in African countries is returning to memory is undoubtedly gratifying, but shouldn't the German quest for conquest to the east also play a role in the »postcolonial« view? For 150 years, mainly Polish-speaking territories were occupied by Prussia or the German Empire - why don't we call that colonialism? And what does this mean for our concept of racism, which increasingly functions only in the categories of »white« and »black«? The long shadow of the German »cultural mission« can be found in many phenomena today - in dealing with the »debt crisis,« with migration and flight, and in everyday racism.

Mark Terkessidis is a journalist, author, migration researcher, and one of those intellectuals who constantly challenge view and perspective.

A talk with Aladin El-Mafaalani will follow after this event.