Meine Damen und Herren

Zwischen Autonomie und behindert werden

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5:00 PM


For several years now, the ensemble MEINE DAMEN UND HERREN has been working on new collaborative working and organisational structures. In order to get closer to the goal of changing their work in the direction of equality, MD&H have come up with various projects that they have been implementing since 2019 under the title »Being there is by no means everything«. In this round of talks, MD&H members report, among other things, on the project, »Die Stadt bin ich« (The City is Me), which premiered at Kampnagel in March 2020 and in which the ensemble members implemented their artistic ideas on their own responsibility. They report on experiences of success, hurdles, frustration and many newfound questions. And they discuss with their guests the possibilities and difficulties of working inclusively in the non-inclusive theatre business and making their own artistic decisions. Are these questions transferable to other groups and their work processes? Do new artistic qualities emerge in inclusive productions? And is it actually difficult for audiences and journalists to view inclusive work critically?