Nikita Dhawan / Hans Kundnani
© Daniel Vegel / privat
Nikita Dhawan / Hans Kundnani
© Daniel Vegel / privat

Nikita Dhawan / Hans Kundnani



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Keynote Of Nikita Dhawan: The Tragedy Of Dekolonization

At the end of a tragedy there is always loss, on both sides of the narrative. In her opening keynote for the OTHER EUROPE event series, the renowned professor of political theory and gender studies, Nikita Dhawan highlights the contradiction between the attributes of the Enlightenment, the hallmark of European identity formation, and Europe’s failure to decolonize. Subsequently, she explores its significance for postcolonial and postmigrant societies on both sides of the narrative. Following the keynote, Hans Kundnani will give a lecture on European Identity. Afterwards, the two will hold a panel discussion moderated by Eric Otieno.

Keynote Of Hans Kundnani: Europeans Only? The History Of European Identity And The Evolution Of The Eu

In his keynote, Hans Kundnani traces the history of European identity and the development of the EU in the context of questions of race and postcolonialism. The foreign and EU policy expert is one of the few who discusses European policy issues from a critical race perspective, and at the same time he succeeds in taking apart the often complicated mechanisms of the EU in a vivid and, above all, extraordinarily exciting way. The keynote will follow Nikita Dhawan's lecture, after which you can look forward to what is sure to be an exciting discussion between these top-level guests.

Moderation: Eric Otieno

Part of the event series OTHER EUROPE.

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