Peter Licht007 Christian Knieps Crop
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Peter Licht007 Christian Knieps Crop
© Christian Knieps


Beton und Ibuprofen


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9:00 PM


On six albums so far, in four books and various plays (which took him as far as the Berlin Theatertreffen), PeterLicht has buried capitalism and his iPhone, often changed his life or called for it, and most recently, in January, applied in the Süddeutsche Zeitung as a poet for the federal Parliament. To bridge the time until that happens (and Germany becomes a different country), there is the music and lyrics of PeterLicht. Despite all the heaviness of the present, which is also indicated in his new album titled “Beton und Ibuprofen” (“Concrete and Ibuprofen”): Every PeterLicht song makes you feel better and inspires you to love or dance. Now PeterLicht returns to Kampnagel to present this new album in an intimate club setting..

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