Ulf Buermeyer (le.) / Philip Banse (ri.)
© Lipkin
Ulf Buermeyer (le.) / Philip Banse (ri.)
© Lipkin

Philip Banse / Ulf Buermeyer

Lage der Nation - Live


Evening box: 25 Euro / 19 Euro / Pre-sale only at https://lage.live/

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8:00 PM


Lage der Nation (State of the Nation) is one of Germany’s most popular podcasts: once a week, journalist Philip Banse and lawyer Ulf Buermeyer analyse the political situation in Germany and abroad. It’s a deep dive, but it always remains accessible and entertaining. »Lage Live« puts the podcast on the stage, with audience questions and discussion to follow.



This event is part of EuropaCamp, funded by ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius.