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6:30 PM

The Kampnagel foyer becomes a co-working space for Summerfestival visitors and ten international Festival grant recipients. For the fourth time, the Summerfestival and the Körber Foundation are giving out grants to young students in the fields of art, culture and theater. Alongside the performances, they will get a sense of the International Summerfestival’s working process through artist talks, workshops and visits to rehearsals. To help them sharpen their own creative careers (and for their work on the festival blog), they also have access to BÜRO BÜRO in the Kampnagel foyer, an installation by three Hamburg students from the fields of architecture, communication and costume design. They explore contemporary work practices in art and culture in the form of a co-working space. BÜRO BÜRO serves as a work and rest space for the festival grant recipients. They can »hot desk« or »liquid network,« and visitors can share their impressions on an answering machine.

The office party takes place on 13.08. at 18:30. The festival blog can be found here.

RAUM Filomena Krause, Therese Leick, Hanna Scherwinski LEITUNG Eike Wittrock, Franziska Schnoor MENTORING Prof. Almut Schneider (Department Design) IN ZUSAMMENARBEIT MIT der Körber-Stiftung und der HAW Hamburg.