Asset 90897
© Susanna Hofer, Martina Lajczak, Marius Becker
Asset 90897
© Susanna Hofer, Martina Lajczak, Marius Becker

Stefanie Sargnagel / Christiane Rösinger / Denice Bourbon

Legends of Entertainment


pre-sale: 20 euro / evening box: 23 euro

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8:00 PM

Stefanie Sargnagel, Christiane Rösinger and Denice Bourbon are justifiably among the currently most important feminist artists from the German speaking world. Ingeborg Bachmann (Audience Award Winner) Stefanie Sargnagel shaves everything with her poetics between the Viennese suburban pub and the Facebook status report; Christiane Rösinger, also known by her bands Lassie Singers and Britta, is a public pop with her music (most recently »Lieder ohne Leiden«), books (»We'll make future later: My German lessons with refugees«), columns and contributions for various newspapers Intellectual; and Denice Bourbon, performance artist, activist, and cofounder of the queer-feminist politically correct Comedy Club (PCCC *) is a loaded weapon in the field of often stingy stand-up humor. Now the three unequal superstars combine their superpowers into a supergroup of evening entertainment and for the first time share a stage together. At the same time, this is the first and long overdue Kampnagel performance by the three artists.