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Streb Extreme Action



5 euro

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2:30 PM

The Kids Workshop of the Action-Show [SEA] Singular Extreme Action!

POP ACTION reflects the high energy, fast-paced movement that kids experience all around them everyday. Pop Action is based on Elizabeth Streb’s POPACTION which intertwines dance, athletics, boxing, rodeo, the circus and Hollywood stunt work into bristling muscle-and-motion vocabulary! STREB’s work is of particular interest to young people who are continually testing the limits of their physical universe. Participants will be intrigued by the vigorous exploration of impact, velocity and the defiance of gravity through a combination of physical conditioning, daredevil stunts, acrobatics and gymnastics.

No prior experience is necessary to enjoy a Pop Action class. Our team of instructors are focused on safety and ensuring the students have a great experience. STREB’s motto is »Personal Best!«

The participants should wear comfortable clothing. The class takes place in bare feet.