Valentine Tanz aka Vala T. Foltyn
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Valentine Tanz aka Vala T. Foltyn
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u.a. mit Tucké Royale, Valentine Tanz, Nata & BBBlue666


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Valentine Tanz aka Vala T. Foltyn
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Tucké Royale
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Valentine Tanz aka Vala T. Foltyn

Tucké Royale


Programme Overview Day 1


Performance/Screening by Tucké Royale 19:00 (Deutsch/Englisch)

Tucké Royale who is at home at Queer B-Cademy since the first edition visits the House of Hope this time with manifesto and documentary film in the trunk: Last summer, Royale went with 60 participants on a car-convoy through rural Germany in memory of the Stonewall Riots in New York 50 years ago in order to herald the era of »New Taken-for-grantedness«. Two documentary cameras on board recorded the previously unexpected genre: the queer majority society in the country as a utopian moment. Over a glass of welcome champagne Royale opens this year’s Queer B-Cademy, by reading out the manifesto of »New Taken-for-grantedness« and showing the docu-fiction Stonewall Uckermark.

Dining Room

Interactive exhibition by Ifeatu Nnaobi und Rimma Elbert ab 19:00

What and where is the home are questions fundamental to the lives of Queer people and they are even more pertinent for queer people who live in countries with laws created to keep them unsafe and prevent them from having a chance at living free and fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, this is the case for many queer people living in Nigeria, from where Ifeatu Nnaoibis comes, and other African countries. Dining Room is an interactive exhibition specially created to honour this fact. This exhibition takes place around a table, a central feature of the home. At each place on the table, there is a piece of the exhibition that viewers can interact with: text, videos and images which shares the stories of their views on home.

The Essence Of Home

Installation von NATA und Workshopteilnehmer*innen ab 19:00

Feelings Are Facts - Magic, Sex, Politics

Performance von Valentine Tanz | Vala T. Foltyn mit Tania-Kristin Ballentine | LadyJerk (Englisch) 20:00

Valentine Tanz home country Poland has experienced an immense backlash when it comes to the rights and safety of queer people. And even her artistic home back in Krakow – a queer arts project in an old villa – evicted Her. Queer B-Cademy wants to welcome Her within its four walls: With »Feelings are facts – magic, sex, politics« she transforms personal experiences of loss and trauma into a collective ritual – a sensual howl of trans_fem voice of resistance. A queer elegy. An act of liberation.


mit Tucké Royale, Valentine Tanz, Ifeatu Nnaobi and NATA 21:30 (Englisch)

The opening night is dedicated to the many perspectives we experience and perceive home. The four artists take the opportunity to talk about their work presented on the very night and collect more perspectives on maintaining a sense of hope when it comes to creating spaces that provide protection and nurture within queer communities. How did they approach the topic of home? Audience contributions shall round up the exchange experience.


DJ-Set 22:30

What would be a House of Hope without a roaring House-Party! BBBlue666 is a dj and performer from Hamburg and active member of One Mother, who was part of the first Queer B-Cademy two years ago. For Queer B-Cademy bbblue666 presents a non-binary mix of queer anthems, latin beats, french trap and trashy glam.

Programme overview: day 1 (thursday-feb 13) day 2 (friday, feb 14) day 3 (saturday, feb 15) day 4 (sunday, feb 16)

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