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The Kampnagel Queerial Lectures: Episode 2 – Elsz


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9:00 PM

The idea of KAMPNAGEL QUEERIAL LECTURES was born out of search for ways in which, despite lockdown and international travel restrictions, we can expand our international radius and meet new people. As a series of lectures on queer solidarity in times of pandemic, the format works according to the handover principle, which means that Kampnagel issues only the first invitation.

The guest of the first episoden was gender-nonconforming author, performer and speaker Alok Vaid-Menon, based in New York, who appointed their friend Elsz to be the next speaker. In a world full of triggers and transgressions, what role does creativity and imagination play in our personal lives and communities? How does the queer imagination shift individual and collective trauma responses, perspectives and transform the world at large?

ELSZ is a Brooklyn based queer musician, ritual artist and creative coach, who’s work is informed by the experience of being an abuse survivor. They work intimately with the body, to alchemise trauma and transform it into story, sound and movement. This lecture will explore imagining and healing from the intimate lens of a queer survivor’s personal healing journey.