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© The Kampnagel Queerial Lectures
Asset 104219
© The Kampnagel Queerial Lectures

The Kampnagel Queerial Lectures: Episode 3 – Hannah Brontë


Diese Veranstaltung wird kostenlos als Instagram-Live hier stattfinden: @kampnagel_hamburg

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12:00 AM

The idea of KAMPNAGEL QUEERIAL LECTURES was born out of search for ways in which, despite lockdown and international travel restrictions, we can expand our international radius and meet new people. As a series of lectures on queer solidarity in times of pandemic, the format works according to the handover principle, which means that Kampnagel issues only the first invitation. The guest of the first episode is gender-nonconforming author, performer and speaker Alok Vaid-Menon, based in New York. In the format of Instagram Live, they will speak about how they‘re adapting and expanding their definitions of art making and performance, and why they feel artistic methods in times of pandemic are more important than ever.

Hannah Brontë is a visual artist, DJ, Doula living and working in Yugambeh country (AUS). Her work explores tapping into Intuition, the relationship between humans and their environment and the long non linear journey of healing.