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Key Topic Inclusive Theatre

Over the past few years there has been a series of artistic collaborations between disabled and able-bodied theatre ensembles. So DISABLEDTHEATER (performed at Kampnagel in 2013) by Jérôme Bel and Theater HORA set new benchmarks by aggressively exposing the social divide between the disabled and able-bodied on stage. Performance group MONSTERTRUCK went one step further in their collaboration with Theater Thikwa for DSCHINGIS KHAN (GHENGIS KHAN) and REGIE (DIRECTION) (at Kampnagel in 2013/2014) and questioned to what extent it is even possible to have a collaboration on an equal footing. The thematic focus in IN /ZWISCHEN takes this point and presents current collaborations from Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. Furthermore a theatre platform will show workshop performances of the latest productions over two days. There will be discussion panels, workshops and talks on issues including artistic collaborations, to which both experts and interested parties are invited.