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© Elias Handler
Asset 108627
© Elias Handler

K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg / Ton Bogataj

Limited Edition : LOVE IN THE DARK


Negativer offizieller Antigen-Schnelltest ("Bürgertest"), PCR-Test, Impf- oder Genesungsnachweis erforderlich.

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Negative official rapid antigen test (»Bürgertest«), PCR test, proof of vaccination or recovery required. For all further Corona guidelines for your visit at a performance click here.

Love in the Dark is an erotic ceremony with an uncertain outcome. Three performers practise eroticism as the art of seduction. With dedication and a pinch of humour, they open the slippery portals of desire. Tongue gymnastics and pop song choreography are just the warm-up. And who knows? Maybe a muscular lesbian will also dance tenderly with shy seahorses in the fountain.

Ton Bogataj

is a queer choreographer, dancer and improviser. As a dancer and performer they have recently worked with artists such as Jeanine Durning, Claire Lefèvre, Fernanda Ortiz, Yolanda Morales and Ana Laura Lozza.

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Concept, Dance, Choreography: Ton Bogataj Dance: Teresa Hoffmann Sound: Hye-Eun Kim Dramaturgy: Heike Bröckerhoff
Funded by: Ministry of Culture and Media of Hamburg, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung