40 Years State Of The Arts
Installation / Theory


Political Protest and Resistance in Hamburg in the 80s – a Collage

To contextualise the anniversary, a new wall newspaper is being created that will highlight the resistant contexts of Hamburg's 1980s on the Kampnagel piazza. The newspaper will map and reflect anti-fascist, feminist, queer, disability activist and anti-racist movements of the 1980s and make their practice accessible to current struggles for equality. In cooperation with people who can still remember the 1980s in Hamburg, who shaped them in a resistant way, as well as with younger generation representatives in an examination of activist history and the present, a broad panorama will be created: on international solidarity, the anti-nuclear power and peace movements, anti-racist struggles, health day, labour struggles, the history of occupations, the inscription of lesbian, trans, gay and queer resistance in the city's history, and much more.

FUNDED BY Sozialbehörde Hamburg in the programme STADT MIT COURAGE