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Zohra Opoku

Visuals, Art, Fashion and music


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6:00 PM

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The German-Ghanaian artist Zohra Opoku has compiled a visual art/music/fashion series for the WE DON'T CONTEMPORARY Festival. Vistors can experience visual art, performance installation and dance as well as the pioneers of the young music and fashion scene in Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Guinea. Zohra Opoku presents a young and critical generation of artists, who confront the African constructions in the media with artistic strategies.


Performance by SERGE ATTUKWEI CLOTTEY (friday and saturday 8 pm). Serge Attukwei Clotteys artistic work predominantly thematises questions of access to resources, neo-colonial land seizures und environmental pollution

NAMSA LEUBA EXHIBITION, Visual artist Namsa Leuba uses her photos to dismantle cultural thought processes and exploits her visual interventions to construct new perspectives.

FILM SCREENING: DREXCIYA directed by Simon Rittmeier (28 min.) and Kae Suns (musician) new videos directed by Emeka Alams. Films are screened in loop.

EXHIBITION DESIGN & POP UP SHOP by Emeka Alams: Emeka Alams is designer of upcoming fashionlabel Gold Coast Trading Co.,

Further Program curated by Zohra Opoku within WE DON'T CONTEMPORARY FESTIVAL (24.09. - 03.10.2015)

VISUALS, ART, FASHION AND MUSIC [Fr] 02.10. to [Sa] 03.10. / from 18:00

PARTY: DJ Steloo [Fr] 02.10. / 22:00

KONZERT: Noella Wiyaala [Sa] 03.10. / 21:00

flyer for whole program here.

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Gesamtes Programm VISUALS, ART, FASHION AN MUSIC kuratiert von Zohra Opoku mit Serge Attukwei Clottey, Namsa Leuba, Emeka Alams, DJ Steloo, Noella Wiyaala.